About us

After years immersed in the world of meeting planning, I often encountered uninspired, generic gifts regardless of the city I was in. It dawned on me during a neighborhood market night that there was a distinct absence of locality in the gifts exchanged within the meetings and conventions industry. That's when the seed was planted, and five years ago, boxthecity was born.

Boxthecity meticulously curates gift sets tailored primarily for the corporate industry. What sets us apart is our dedication to spotlighting local products that bolster small businesses and contribute to community causes. Through boxthecity, event gifting becomes a catalyst for direct economic empowerment within communities. Plus, the gift recipient heads home with a bespoke city-centric gift that is distinctive and memorable.

At boxthecity, we don't just put products in a box; we encapsulate the essence of a city. We love "keeping it local."

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