About us

Established in 2019, boxthecity began as an idea to provide event gifting solutions that celebrate Central Florida. The City of Orlando is the number one destination in the United States for a reason: the diversity of things to do - from the space coast to the theme parks to the local neighborhoods - aspects that pull people in, and draw them back to create new memories. 

However, we didn't stop there...

We are so grateful to our happy clients for believing in us. Word spread to other destinations around the country! Providing locally made content that supports local business, and benefits the local economy has always been and will always be the goal. From Orlando to San Diego, we make it easy to deliver the perfect gift to your event. Orange County to Orange County, we put the city in the box!

As owners of boxthecity with a background in hospitality and meeting planning, we wanted to help others celebrate through our gift boxes. Whether looking for professional gifts aimed at convention and meeting attendees or personal selections for family events such as weddings and reunions we are here to help!

The local artisans and creators we work with ensure that our gift boxes are memorable and representative of the area. In addition, we love working with local materials manufacturers for all the elements that make the perfect gift.

Keeping it local

Floyd & Sarah Welsh