boxthecity blogs | Straight Up Abilities @ the 2022 Special Olympics

boxthecity blogs | Straight Up Abilities @ the 2022 Special Olympics


This is the story of a magical journey...

A story of 23 remarkable individuals on a quest to share their amazing talent at the 2022 Special Olympics.

This is "Straight Up Abilities"!

Straight Up Abilities is a Venice, California based dance company that provides professional performance art training to students of ALL Abilities.

They offer something for everyone, and create a place of inclusion in their classes.
Some of the students may have physical or intellectual disabilities, but they are full of a desire for a life where they can also live out their passions and dreams.
Many of the students are also student teachers, and some have a professional entertainment career. 

Executive Director, Robin Olive created Straight Up Abilities in 2016 as a continuation program to Zina Bethune's Infinite Dreams program.  
Her 40 + years of dance training and over 24 years of teaching dance has helped her work in this very specific field. 
She is a true philanthropist and believes in bridging gaps, especially to those that are our most vulnerable.  

In November 2021, we spoke with Robin Olive about this fantastic group of performers coming to Orlando to be a part of the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games.

The Special Olympics USA Games are held every four years at different locations in the United States.

This huge event brings athletes from across the nation to compete in summer sports. 

Disney's Wide World of Sports in Central Florida hosted the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games from June 5 -11, 2022. 

During this time, over 5,500 athletes and coaches, 10,000 volunteers, 125,000 family & friends and masses of spectators made the 2022 USA Games the largest ever!

Boxthecity had the amazing opportunity to greet the members of Straight Up Abilities as they arrived at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort on June 5th.

Each of the 23 members were presented with personalized SUPA Adventure Essentials Kits. This clear, theme park approved shoulder pack is stuffed full of snacks, beverages, sunscreen, ponchos, sanitizer and other assorted goodies.

Check out the SUPA Adventure Essentials Kit below:

Words cannot describe the pure joy this group radiates at every moment.

They possess a sense of true gratitude and excitement for life, that lifts your spirit and brightens your day!

Seeing the smiling & curious faces emerge from the airport charter was priceless!

The dancers had a full week of adventure, including performances at the 2022 Special Olympics and Disney Springs.

They also attended an Epcot Imagination Campus Workshop and got to roam Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and the Magic Kingdom theme parks.

It was truly an honor to donate these gifts to such a phenomenal group of individuals. 

Be sure to check out the highlights of their adventures on the Straight Up Abilities Insta.

-----Stay SUPA ! 

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