boxthecity in 2023 | Putting The City In A Box

boxthecity in 2023 | Putting The City In A Box

The latest from boxthecity:

2023 introduces some exciting new products and services that will revolutionize the way we experience gift giving.

From QR code bows & ribbons that deliver personalized video greetings, to in-house package kits that are branded just for you!

The possibilities are truly limitless.

AmericasMart Atlanta 2023

Scenes from the Atlanta Gift Mart

The new year started with a trip to the Atlanta Gift Mart in January.
This week long event showcased the newest and greatest items from food & beverage, luxe gifts, seasonal products, lifestyle & more.
We were introduced to some of 2023's hottest new ideas, like the sleek line of pet bowls from our friends at 
Corkcicle, and tabletop obsessions from Laura Johnson at Coton Colors.

New Gifting Options for 2023

First of all, bookmark your copy of the 2023 boxthecity Digital Catalog here. (Best viewed on a computer or tablet) 

This year's digital catalog has grown a lot, but it is a mere representation of the available possibilities.

At boxthecity, the product is up to your imagination!

Here are some of our newest favorites...

Personal Messages from tokki


One of our favorite picks this year goes out to the team at tokki.

This AAPI women-owned small business creates reusable gift bows & bags that use QR code technology to pass along personalized messages.
Once the QR code is scanned, the recipient is directed to a landing page with a custom recorded video message and open fields to leave contact information. 

We have introduced tokki to a few of our clients, and they absolutely love the possibilities; making the gifting experience more personal and thoughtful. 

Let boxthecity design your welcome video template for you, and see how easy it can be to be so awesome!

 Branding Sets and Custom Stock

At boxthecity, we are always striving to make gift giving a thoughtful gesture that represents you and your brand in the best way possible! 

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of branding sets to the services we provide. This perk allows our clients to predetermine custom packaging in various sizes, styles, colors and quantities.
All packaging mediums are then stored in-house, and ready to use for your next event. 
Our fantastic line of products, packaged inside your branded boxes, bags & totes. You can even select your own branded tissue paper and filler colors for that perfect finishing touch.
Another advantage to pre-ordering your packaging is the amount of money saved on the gifting vessel.
This cost often eats into your budget, and reduces the overall choices in certain price ranges 
Depending on the quantities ordered and frequency of use, this option could result in considerable savings.

Contact us to schedule a quick consultation, and see if this service is right for you.

Norman Love Confections & Bib Gourmand Selections

Our Central Florida market has just formed a partnership with Norman Love Confections.
This means the full salon of products can now be featured in your incredible gifts.
From award winning bon bons & truffles, to chocolate bars, caramel popcorn & chocolate covered orange peels.
This includes their outstanding corporate options.
Anyone who has experienced the delightful & decadent creations of this talented Fort Myers Chef will agree that this choice is guaranteed to elevate your gifting experience. 

Contact us to see about our current inventory, or to place a custom order for an upcoming event.

Last but not least, in 2022, our City Beautiful was blessed by the gods of Michelin.
They bestowed their coveted Stars upon multiple restaurants in the Central Florida area.
They also placed the honorary "Bib Gourmand" recognition to some of Orlando's finest eats.

At our core, we are dedicated to showcasing what a city does best. 
That being said, we are currently in the process of incorporating choice selections from these area restaurants as a fresh add-on to any gift set. 
We will include a bio of each location, and contact information to encourage the recipient to try out some of Orlando's finest jewels.

Please contact us if you are interested in this fantastic add-on.


Keeping it Local,


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