boxthecity San Diego | Putting the city in a box

boxthecity San Diego | Putting the city in a box

When boxthecity was formed, the mission was simple. Provide the highest quality, locally sourced gifts for any occasion. A company dedicated to forging strong and positive relationships with local artisans and businesses that represent the cultural dynamic of that region. These popular, must-have gift sets are custom designed and packaged for Destination Management Organizations (DMO), Convention Visitors Bureaus (CVB) or any event planner wishing to sway from the traditional swag-bag gift baskets.

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Floyd Welsh, owner & founder of boxthecity supports the idea that a circle of prosperity exists in utilizing local vs large scale commercial content. "These great local talents are where you find a lot of tomorrow's newest trends. When you invest in them, you help pave the way to more innovation with positive motivation." Floyd says that while there may still be a place for brand-generic gift baskets, he is seeing a growing desire for gift items that celebrate the local area.

The joy of discovering new regional products in a post-pandemic market is not an easy task. Many flourishing local businesses and artists are suffering from supply-chain shortages. This makes close communication with local vendors a must. But this is part of the joy for Floyd. "Every time I get to connect directly with a local artisan or collaborate on a project, it reinforces that what I'm doing is making a difference in the lives of real people."

Boxthecity has started to see a resurgence of in-person events in the convention industry. Orange County, Florida has led the nation in establishing effective safety protocols that allow the doors to open for conventions, expos and trade shows. The team at boxthecity stayed vigilant through countless webinars aimed at setting up for success, and delivering a new standard of excellence in a post pandemic industry. New delivery relationships had to be made with most every concierge at local hotels and resorts that serve the convention corridor in Greater Orlando. Many of boxthecity's clients elect in-room amenities for their delivery option to event attendees. Last quarter numbers are showing a sharp upturn as people return to conventions in Orange County.

Speaking of Orange County, boxthecity just announced on social media outlets that they are now working with local artisans and businesses spanning from Anaheim, Irvine, Carlsbad & San Diego, California. This will include the addition of a new ready-to-ship gift set collection on the company website.
The best local gifts from Orange County, Florida to Orange County, California... 

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William Daniel

William Daniel

Love what I am seeing here. Do you have plans to expand your operations to other cities on the East Coast?

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