APEC 2023 Amenity

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APEC 2023 Amenity:
  • Tropical Sunshine gourmet soaps from Finchberry
  • "Refreshing" Room & Body Spray by Wenvia
  • "Royal Treatment" Herbal Tea by Big Heart Tea Co. (Featured in Oprah Magazine)
  • Orange Cooling Gel Eye Mask
  • Pilsner Pretzels by Boardwalk Pretzels
  • Orange Tea Cookies by Too Good Gourmet
  • Florida Key Lime Yogurt Covered Pretzels 
  • Florida Collectors Tin of Roasted Rosemary Mixed Nuts by WataNut
  • A Taste of Florida Key Lime Tortuga Rum Cake 
  • Greetings from Florida Gourmet Salt Water Taffy
  • Florida Oranges Juicy Breath Mints 
  • "Is Better" Carton of Spring Water
  • Spa Slippers?
  • Presented in the black & white Visit Orlando beach tote